Female Day Trader by Sherri Stevens

I grab my cup of mojo,
check my mohawk in the mirror
and head out for my trading desk
undaunted, without fear!
What craze will I find trending?
Will Gamestop stock explode?
What trade can I make epic
so I can bring home mother lode!
Adrenaline rush surging
with the ring of opening bell,
I take off running like a racehorse
set free and sprinting from its jail!
Go Female Day Traders!
Your Judas Kiss by Sherri Stevens

"Best friends betrayal, your Judas kiss.
My dignity you did dismiss.
Your spider’s words webbed to deceive, in faith, I trusted and believed.
O, but, what afool was I, that I did buy black widow’s lie.
Falling for false truths you told, your word of honor just fools gold!
Swearing to your own heart’s hurt, but then, your oath you did desert.
Your broken promiseI hold now, and in my cup your empty vow.
But God’s my Portion!
He redeemed my dignity that you demeaned!
Your pillaged pledge that brought disgrace
He traded in for saving grace!
He took the rags you wrapped me in and cloaked me in His garment’s grin.
His robe of righteousness declared
I’m free from bars your shame had snared.
The evil that you meant for harm, God changed to good with His strong arm.
My God, He worked all things for good when by His side, alone I stood!
Brave Beads by Sherri Stevens

Pearls are small, but they are sacred. Pearls will “preach” if you ask them their stories. They are brave beads born out of adversity. They are sapient spheres of layered suffering. But with no grit, there is no glory! However,sands of affliction are by no means any assurance of an asset. The outcome of any oyster’s experience is determined by how it adapts to processing its pain.
We can devote ourselves to aggrandizing the “altar” of our affliction to such a degree that we end up aborting the true gift of the gauntlet, or we can choose to cooperate with God’s Spirit and “alter” our oyster’s irritantinto an iridescent oracle. We can parlay our pain into pearls of wisdom, or we can massage malice and murmuring into a malignant marble. Pearls of our hearts are a manifestation of our mindset.
So, grit or glory, it is our choice to make.
Frozen Nightmare by Sherri Stevens

Where’s my summer? Where’s my spring?
Where’s the warm sunshine would bring?
I’m caught by winter's icy bite.
I’m lost inside it’s dead of night.
A season stuck where snowflakes clingwith blizzard’s windy wicked sting.
No seasons come. No seasons go.
No mountains high, just valley’s low.
A season stuck where seeds don’t bloomwhere darkness grips with gloves of doom.
Where winter whips wounds that won’t mend my gauntlet’s run, it has no end.
A time to mourn, a time to weep.
When will my gladness get to reap?
When will I have my victory dance?
When will my laughter have a chance?
A season stuck in suffering, where torment has no buffering.
Where did my change of seasons hide?
When did God’s grace and hell collide?
When will my heavy heart not grieve?
Where is the hope I can believe?
When will my shattered soul find peace?
When will my frozen nightmare cease?

*This is one of my favorite poems available in my newly released poetry collection Deep Calling Deep.*
Scary to be a Canary by Sherri Stevens

Sometimes it’s scary to be a canary where gases and smog fill the air
where chemicals fume and girls wear perfume
and ladies spray smells in their hair.
I’m just a small bird with my song gone unheard that my body’s felt sickened and ill
by solvents and paint that can poison and taint
silently leaking out gases that kill.
In the old days, coal miners would hear my chirps cry
finally heeding my songless bird's sign
but now, ears have been closed to my little bird’s woes
and the doctors all tell me I’m fine.
Though my bright yellow feathers disguise my disease
and hide my condition from view,
my innards are burning, and my stomach is churning
while some say, my story's untrue.
This fire’s unseen that consumes my bird’s being
with flames raging out of control!
What we need is awareness about this unfairness
and to start a canary patrol.
My sensitive nature should sound the alarm
like it did for the miners of coal.
So please ponder my pain and the words that I’m saying
and make saving canaries our goal!
Dedicated to all those suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and
Environmental Illnesses.

Excerpt from my Deep Calling Deep poetry collection.
Tears I Cry Lately by Sherri Stevens

The tears I cry lately
fall fast from my face
with no hope of comfort
no sign of God’s grace.
The tears I cry lately
flow streams of red blood
through shattered soul windows
a wounded heart’s flood
No good end to wait for.
No season to cease.
No rest for the weary.
No promise of peace.
Just pain when I rise.
Just pain when sun sets
.Just pain for existence
that never forgets.
The tears I cry lately
I’ll sow, so I’ll reap
sadness for gladness
divine riches I’ll keep.
Affliction for access,
difficulty for doorway,
oppression for opening,
gallows for gateway.
Grief into glory,
healing from hurt,
disgrace into dignity,
harvest from dirt.
Pools out of pits,
springs from sinkholes,
drinks from depression,
blessings from bowls.
The tears I cry lately
have dried from my eyes
having learned to embrace
my gift of goodbyes.

This poem is an excerpt from my poetry collection Deep Calling Deep by Sherri Stevens.
I AM, I AM by Sherri Stevens

I heard a pounding knock outside my heart home's chained closed door,and looking through the peephole there I saw, a god I'd seen before.

"Please take my money," said I-Have,better known by his good friends as Possession."Won't you work for me and worship me so I can consume you with obsession?"

I replied, "Your currency is counterfeit. It's not the means I need to live. What would it profit me to gain the world, enslaving my soul as your captive?"

Then up stepped Works of Righteousness,"Practice my religious vain traditions. Accept my package wrapped in piety and my pride's meriting additions.

"I replied,"Your righteousness is all man-made, based on good deeds you think you do, I need a righteousness from God, I won't unlock my door for you."

Following Works came Self, his righteous brother,"I'm the other performing twin, I-Do. Seek my self-grandeur and vaingloryto give your worth its false value."

I replied, "Vanity can't fill me. I am a heart that longs for love. My dark and empty living roommisses its live-in from above."

"Nonsense!" screamed the god, I-Feel,"I'll fill your empty heart so high, with the intoxicating sparkleof my red wine's seductive lie."

I said, "Your god's emotions are unstable
like wild waves tossed to and fro, I need an unwavering peace. I think your wine I will forego."

He said,"Come then, meet my sister. I know you'll like Experience. She speaks in tongues while clashing cymbals to get your home an audience."

I said,"Displaying signs and miracles are not substantial evidence,to prove a spirit comes from God despite her god's self-confidence.

Even Satan masquerades as a white angel dressed in light. I'll not respond to the deception of her well-disguised invite."

Then I-Think came up strutting,"I am so wise in my own eyes. Follow only logic that you understand, allowing no god to lord, but I!

"I said, "I see your beliefs are sincere, unfortunately, sincerely wrong because the just shall walk by faith. Depart!  Your god is too headstrong."

He replied, "Here comes my cousin, Relative who thinks God's sun has many rays. He rejects God's truth as absolute so he can follow his own ways."

Relative said, "I know God says Christ is the Way but my path to God is through another.I will not take the Bible literally or in its light, my sin would smother.

I said, "But how can two walk close together except they are agreed? God will not change His way of truth to match the error of your creed.

"Wait!" cried out I-Try with purpose, "My good intentions give life meaning. Rely on human efforts for your credit,so on your strength, you will be leaning."

I said, "I am too tired to depend on my own willpower's failing might. I need strength supernaturally to help me win my soul's lost fight."

"Not Thy will, but mine be done!" I-Will asserted with superiority. "Continue with my plans. I'm Independence,unyielded to divine authority!"

I said, "The True God stands opposed to pride. But to the humble, He gives grace. Be off! You're not the god I'm looking for. Turn back your rebel's mocking face."

Then a gentle knock tapped on my heart. "Who's out there calling on my name? What do you have to buy that satisfies? What is the reason that you came?"

"My name is Jesus. I am I AM. I stand before your broken heart not as a false god or a salesman, but to give you life and a new start."

I said, "Oh really, Mr.....was it.....I AM? I'm sure your new beginning has a price. Not to mention what I've always heard redemptions based on being nice.

But go ahead and leave me with the bill I owe and slip your life-product under my door so I can keep my hard heart's chain on taking just Your gift while You ignore."

I AM responded, "My precious present is a free gift. It can't be purchased at your cost.Neither by one's riches nor one's goodness can a soul be bought when it is lost.

The purchase price that God requires is by grace through faith alone that you believe in Me and then receive the resurrected life I own.

I came and laid down My own life for yours so my atoning trust could be your tender that if you'd see your need then ask to borrow, I could be your overdrawn soul's value lender.

I'm not a religion for your front porch to impress your neighbors that walk by. I am your run-down heart's rebuilder. Your sure foundation from on high!

I became flesh and dwelt among you fulfilling God's law by what I've done to impute My righteousness to you giving you the victory that I've won.

I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life! No one comes to the Father but through Me. I've come to fill your vacant heart and set your chained up spirit free!"

Sliding off my chain of unbelief, I opened up my closed heart, once alone, and asked Jesus, "How much do you love me though unworthiness is all I own?"              

Stepping inside to make me whole, His hands from heaven hugged my heart, and I embraced my long lost love as I AM's Spirit did impart.
Passion's Prisoner by Sherri Stevens

What influence are you under? What spirit has your mind's control? What thief or robber have you threatened? What precious treasure have they stole?

Have you surveyed your soul lately? Done an inventory of your life? What's causing quarreling inside you? What is the reason for your strife?

Have you found fulfillment within, or is your deep abyss depressed? Where is your hunger's satisfaction? Where is your inner being's rest?

Give thought now to your ways! You drink but never have your fill. You eat but never have enough. You put on clothes and are cold still.

All the counsel you've received has only proved to wear you out. Have your psychologists yet saved you having heard your desperation's shout?

Yet you consult among the dead on behalf of one who seeks to live, when only one Man holds the key and only He has life to give?

What have you gained from your hard labor? Are you at the end yet of your rope? Isn't now the time to reconsider a new way of life and living hope?

You've watched your drug become your master, slave-driven by your source of sorcery. Aren't you your passion's favorite prisoner chained by your will's captivity?

You've 12-stepped to many meetings, but are your soul's cravings constrained? Have you yet found a higher power that keeps your restless flesh restrained?

Will you keep chasing after wind in denial of your path's futility? Or will answer your soul's question: "Where is the Son to set me free?"

He who has the Son has life. He who has not, he is without. Are you a lamp indwelled by light? Or is your spirit's bulb blacked out?