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My name is sherri stevens

I'm a 3x published author, passionate writer, entrepreneur, female day trader and I encourage women empowerment. I intend to inspire and uplift women with my insightful books, quotes, poetry and personal advice.

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Where is god on my bad days?
"Where Is God On My Bad Days?" is a spiritual book of encouragement, comfort, and hope to everyone who has ever experienced difficulties, setbacks, and heartache in their lives and have wondered, "Where is God when I need Him?" Written in a children's book format, the book offers spiritual insight into the question that has been asked since the time of Job in the Bible, until the present day, by every person who has encountered painful and seemingly hopeless trials in their life.
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Deep calling deep
Deep Calling Deep is a poetry book about the deep inconsolable longing we have in our hearts to connect with and relate to the deepest part of God's heart in a raw and honest way. This collection of poems is refreshingly recharging, edgy, and enlightening regarding various real-life issues such as betrayal by a friend, physical suffering, healing from heartache, celebrating singleness, and learning to trust God in the midst of our trials.
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Portals & pearls
With devotional-designed chapters, Portals And Pearls is formatted and filled with bite-size ruminations that are engaging, entertaining, and inspiring. In her clever and colorful style, Sherri weaves God's Word into her adventurous personal experiences to empower lives with freedom and transformation.
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